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Family Articles - Lenora Hammond
Modesty - The Undressing Of Our Youth

Unless you have not left your home in the last 20 years, you will have seen a deterioration in morals, and in particular in the way we dress. As Henry Van Til observed: "culture is religion externalised." By this he meant that the culture of a nation reflects the true faith of that people. Dress is not neutral. Historically, public nakedness went hand-in-hand with pagan religions. Cultures that worship nature and treasure sensuality tend to dress immodestly (loincloths and beads for example). Those, which make an idol out of material possessions, often fall prey to an enslavement of extravagance and high fashion.

Home schooling - Is Now the Time?

As responsible parents in the midst of educating our children, the time has arrived when we must ask ourselves several questions. Most concerned and involved parents grapple over issues regarding the size of classrooms, peer pressure, the personality of the teacher, the safety of the school environment, sports programs, etc. These indeed are practical concerns. But the time has arrived to start asking more underlying questions that will affect the very moral development and character-shaping of our future generations. It is time to consider the bigger picture.

Biblical Femininity - Is it relevant today?
The role of women in the home has been under attack for many decades. Exactly what it means to be a godly woman and finding her rightful place in God's created order has always been a quest. Women have longed to know how to be fulfilled and how they can play a meaningful part in society at large.
What Shapes the Family?

Once upon a time, the building block of society known as the family was influenced by parents, the church and the extended family. There was safety in this and apart from some exceptions, children grew up to be more or less like their parents. Hardworking, diligent people of integrity produced the same character in their children and the Christian principles found in Scripture strengthened the community as a whole.

When Boys Fight and Compete
How do we know when it is permissible for boys to fight? When do we determine that an altercation was justifiable and when it was not? A boy fighting off a kidnapper is surely to be praised, but a boy reducing himself to a fistfight over the last sweet is to be disciplined. As parents we must instruct our boys to fight in a life-threatening situation and not to fight when the issue is petty and when a higher authority is just around the corner in the kitchen, who can adjudicate the dispute.

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