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Biblical Worldview Manual
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Biblical Worldview Manual

Everyone is influenced by a worldview - whether they know it or not. The Biblical Worldview Manual incisively exposes the dangers and inconsistencies of Humanism and presents the Biblical principles for Economics, Education, Government and Justice. By applying the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life, this manual is a powerful resource for Reformation.

The Biblical Worldview Manual consists of 36 chapters in a large format 80 page manual.


Ideas have consequences. Christianity gave birth to liberty in the form of constitutional republics, the separation of powers, limited government and freedom of conscience. These ideas, and more, are a direct result of the teachings of the Reformation. Our worldview determines our values, influences how we think, and guides how we live.

  • What is reality?
  • What is the basis of our knowledge?
  • How can we know what is right or wrong?
  • How did human life begin?
  • What happens to a person after death?
  • What is the meaning of history?
  • Are we living in the last days?
  • Why is there suffering and evil?
  • What is the purpose of our existence?
  • How should we live?

The Christian Church has made more positive changes on Earth than any other force or movement in history. Most of the languages of the world were first codified and put into writing by Christian missionaries. More schools and universities have been started by Christians than by any other group. The elevation of women was a Christian achievement as was the abolition of slavery, cannibalism, child sacrifice as well as widow burning. The Christian Church has been the supreme force in restraining man's inhumanity towards man. Almost every civilization and culture had slavery and human sacrifice before the Christian influence came in. Those countries which enjoy the most civil liberties are generally those lands where the Gospel of Christ Jesus has penetrated the most.

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