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The Doctor Comes to Lui: A story of beginnings in the Sudan
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The Doctor Comes to Lui

Dr. Kenneth Fraser was a remarkable pioneer. As a missionary strategist he developed a network of clinics, schools and churches that effectively ministered to body, mind and spirit.

The Doctor Comes To Lui: A story of beginnings in the Sudan contains over 70 pages, including an introduction by Bishop Llewellyn Gwynne, a preface by Bishop Bullen Dolli, a foreword from Dr. Peter Hammond and 27 original photographs from the 1920's and 30's - of the first hospital, the first school, the first church, the first converts, the first baptism. It really is a unique book of beginnings in Southern Sudan. By Eileen Fraser.


The Doctor Comes to Lui is an inspiring and challenging missionary biography of one of the most successful missionary pioneers. The work of Dr. Kenneth Fraser has stood the test of time and it has survived the fierce fires of persecution in Sudan.

         As a soldier - Kenneth Fraser fought in some of the fiercest battles of the First World War. He was awarded medals for bravery and rose to the rank of Major General.

         As a medical doctor - he established the first hospital in Moruland.

         As a teacher - he established the first schools.

         As a pastor - he established the first church in Moruland.

         As a missionary strategist - he developed a network of clinics, schools and churches that effectively ministered to body, mind and spirit.

The pioneer missionary work of the Frasers has proven to be incredibly effective. Over 80% of the Moru people are members of the church he established. And the Moru Christians have proven to be incredibly tough and tenacious. They have steadfastly resisted all attempts by the Arab North to subjugate them. Despite suffering some of the very worst persecution the resilient Moru Christians are standing firm in the Faith - an inspiration to Christians worldwide.

"Any story that illustrates the power of Jesus to change people and the zeal of people who have changed is worth reading. This book is one such story. Read it and be challenged about your own commitment to the Savior."
Bishop Frank J. Retief, Church of England in South Africa

"This book should be read by everybody who is interested in missions for it tells of the work that was founded in Moruland by a doctor and which has been continued ever since, with much persecution from the opposers of the Gospel. May this excellent book be prospered of the Lord and result in the deepening interest amongst missionary minded believers in the Sudan. I pray that it will inspire many more to give their lives to pioneer missionary work in places where the Name of Christ is not known. God bless its reading to many."
- Francis Grim, President, Healthcare Christian Fellowship International

"This little book is an inspiration to everyone who reads it, as it relates the wonderful work of a dedicated missionary on the battlefront of South Sudan. His legacy continues to help the helpless, to teach the unlearned, and to share the healing Gospel of Jesus Christ under the most incredibly adverse conditions imaginable. Read The Doctor Comes to Lui and pray for Christians laboring in the holocaust of Sudan as you read."
Dr. D James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

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