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In the Killing Fields of Mozambique
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In the Killing Fields of Mozambique

In the Killing Fields of Mozambique takes you beyond the lines of one of the most vicious wars in Africa's history. The book includes vivid firsthand accounts, over 40 photographs, maps and drawings and concludes with vital historical insights and important lessons that should be learned from the "scorched earth" campaign, the man-made famine and persecution caused by the communist forces. 100 pages with 43 pictures and maps.


During the dark days of oppression and civil war in the 1980's when Soviet-backed dictator Samora Machel had free reign to pursue his mad dream of turning Mozambique into "the first truly Marxist country in Africa," Christian missionary Peter Hammond ventured into the killing fields. As he traveled throughout Mozambique, showing the Jesus film, preaching the Gospel and delivering relief aid to suffering Christians, he discovered a systematic campaign of terror and persecution.

The shocking, yet previously unreported true stories inside this book document the atrocities committed and shares inspiring testimonies of courageous Christians who faced the cruelty and carnage, including the capture and prison experience of the author and his missionary team.

The book concludes with vital historic facts and important lessons learned from the scorched earth campaign, man-made famine and abuse of relief aid caused by the communist forces. Plus a positive program of action for the future. The book also includes "Mozambique at a Glance"; a Chronology of Mozambique history and some surprising and little known facts about Mozambique.

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