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The Pink Agenda: Sexual revolution in South Africa and the ruin of the family
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The Pink Agenda: Sexual revolution in South Africa and the ruin of the family

The Pink Agenda exposes the truth about homosexual behavior and its links to crime, violence, suicide, substance abuse, paedophilia and disease. It explodes the myths that homosexuals are "born that way" and "cannot change". 220 pages, 28 photos, cartoons & illustrations.
- by Christine McCafferty with Peter Hammond


If you think that the homosexual agenda won't affect you or your family - you're wrong. As The Pink Agenda documents, the sexual revolutionaries want to transform the very fabric of society, they want to reconstruct the family, and homosexual-ize the schools - and they want government funding (your taxes) to do it! Freedom of speech and toleration of dissent are a fruit of Christianity, and seldom in history have these freedoms been more at risk. We need an open and intelligent debate on the homosexual agenda:

         Does medical science support the claim that people who get involved in homosexuality are born that way and cannot change?

         Are homosexual activists really just wanting the same rights as everyone else or are they after special rights and privileges?

         What would be the economic implications for businesses and taxpayers if homosexual partnerships were entitled to the same benefits as marriages?

         What health risks are involved in homosexual and lesbian activities?

         Why do men involved in homosexuality and sodomy have an average life expectancy of 42 compared to 73 for other men?

         Why are homosexuals 24 times more likely to commit suicide than other people?

         Does the international "gay" movement include the lowering of the age of consent for sex with children, especially boys, and the normalization of pedophilia?

         What is being taught to 10-year-olds in South African schools about homosexuality and bisexuality?

         Have politicians, radio stations, Christian ministers and others been sued, fined and imprisoned in other countries for speaking against homosexuality, and is there a similar agenda for South Africa?

         South Africa is the only country in the world with a constitution that specifically protects "sexual orientation". Legally and politically, what does this mean for our country?

All these questions are clearly dealt with and well documented in The Pink Agenda. The homosexual activists own writings make it abundantly clear that, as part of a vast social engineering project, the pink agenda will not settle for the deviant being declared normal. They insist that the normal must be declared deviant.

With the government considering homosexual pseudo-marriage right now, you need to be equipped with the facts, and an understanding of where it will all end - if we don't stop the tidal wave! This book will equip you with ways to ensure that we do not only resist the homosexual-ization for the future generation, but that we turn back the tide of sexual revolution in our country.
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